Welcome everybody to the Deputy Headmaster's Office

Current Deputy HeadmasterEdit

The current Deputy headmaster is Professor Deither Carson. The professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts


Since the Deputy Head is the D.A.D.A. Professor, All of his subject assignments are to be found and passed in here.

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Defense Against The Dark Arts Homework

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Deputy Headmaster's DeskEdit

The Deputy Headmaster is currently processing all admittance and enrollment letters for students whi will get admitted to Fogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

An Example:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,
We are pleased to accept your son, Gregory Johnson into Fogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please bear in mind that in Fogwarts, we will teach your child to do magic, fly with broomsticks and learn about culture and the history of Witches and Wizards. Your child shall spend their school year in the dormitories of which they shall be sorted into. All students are protected not only by the staff of Fogwarts but also the Ministry of Magic. All students are allowed to stay at Fogwarts or go home every Holiday Season. We shall await your replies in no longer than January 29th. All terms shall start at February 5th. All students will be given their ticket to Hogwarts Express along with the list of Requirements after the submission of reply letter. Please send your letters with the Address, Fogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Great Britain. An owl will be sent to your home as long as you submit your letter, please submit the letter to the owl and it will no what to do, A stamp will be found at the envelope, you shall put it into the envelope on which you shall put your Reply Letter. We will await your Reply
Respectfully Yours,
Deither Carson
Deputy Headmaster

Notice BoardEdit

General Notice:

The start of term will be at 25th January. A feast will be held at the Great Hall with the messages from the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster. The Sorting Ceremony shall take place at the Great Hall. Selection of Prefects and Head Boys shall take place the day after.

Secondary Notice:

All Quidditch Tryouts shall take place at 28th January at the Quidditch Pitch. No first years are allowed to join.

Special Notice:

All 2nd Years are issued to Flying Classes due to accidents in flying. Most accidents happens to 2nd Year students. This is issued by the Ministry of Magic. All Duelling Clubs is restored by the Deputy Headmaster due to lack of defensive skills of the students.