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What You Can Do Here

Thanks for joining Destiny Wizards RPG Wiki! To help you get started, here are some things you can do here:

  • Create a Harry Potter Character
  • Put your characters in roleplays and fan fictions.
  • Teach other students (admin approval)
  • Be on the school staff (admin approval)
  • Study in different classes.
  • Interact with other users.

Getting Started

Signing Up

Great, you've decided to join the wiki. But first things first, you have to create an account. There are two ways: either by answering a form or by Facebook Connect. Usernames need to have some sense and it is discouraged to have your character's name to be your username. Usernames must not contain any rudeness.

Filling out A Form

  1. Very easy, just put the necessary data on the form and follow the instructions that follows. Just remember your username and password.

Facebook Connect

  1. Very easy also. If you have a Facebook account, hover your pointer at Log In then click the Facebook Connect icon and follow the instructions that follows.

Ta-da! You now have an account!


Before you do any roleplaying around the place, make sure to create your character first. Remember: do not create your character's page if it isn't sorted yet. To go sorted, go here.

Creating Your Character


Before putting any info, insert this template at the beginning of the page and enter the necessary data:

|housecolor (choose from red, blue, yellow or green)=the primary color of your house
|opposite house color (choose from gold, silver or black)=the other color of your house
|image=insert the filename of the image
|name=defaults to the page name but its up to you
|imagewidth=how large is the image in pixels
|caption=describes your image
|titles=examples are Head Boy and Prefect
|birthdate=your birthday
|birthplace=where you are born
|gender=your gender
|race=human or animal?
|family=your relatives
|eye color=your eye color
|hair color=your hair color
|wand=what its made of, length and core
|wand arm=where you hold your wand
|house=your house
|year=your current year
|affiliations=where you're a part of

There! You've made your character's infobox. Next, we go over to your page details.

Page Details

Now, we go over in making your character's details. Remember, always put sections in headings.

History*- Narrate your character's history up to present time.

As A Student*- Narrate your character's doings at school up to his/her present year.

Magical Abilities*- Where is he/she excelling in magic? What kind of magic can he/she do?

Appearance*- What does your character look like?

Personality*- How does your character behave and what are his/her traits?

Relationships*- What are your character's relations with others? How do they get along?

Additional Information- Any more info about your character like name origin, hometown etc.?

Then, put the appropriate categories by typing this: [[Category:Name]] and replace the word Name with the name of the category. Next, we go over the talk bubble template. Those with * are required in every character page.

To see how it should look see this link-Example

Creating Your Talk Bubble

First, add a new page with this title: Template:Name. Replace the word Name with your username. Then, copy the code below and replace the instructions with the appropriate values.


|image= The image file name, must be uploaded first.

|color= The color of the top part.

|color2= The color of the bottom part.

|namecolor= The color of your character's name.

|namefonttype= The fonttype of the top part.

|textcolor= The color of the text of the top part.

|textcolor2= The color of the text of the bottom part.

|line= This is optional.

|line2= Also optional.

|charpage= The name of your character's page.

|charname= The name of your character.

|username= Your username.

|username= Your username (not doubled, really needed)

|sig= your year, house and titles

|fonttype= The font of the text below.




Then click Publish. How to use it? Here's how:

Type this coding in the page you want it to appear:

{{<your username>|time=<time>|text=<your text>}}

Replace the words enclosed with < and > with the appropriate values indicated inside those symbols. Then Preview to see if its correct.

You've got it! But not that quite yet. Read the rules, they're very important.