The 3rd Wizarding War started at 4th February, 2027 at 4:00 P.M. when a witch name Sharon, became the Dark Sorceress after creating her 1st Horcrux. At the tenture of Harry James Potter as Hogwarts Headmaster, Hogwarts was protected by Aurors and the Ministry of Magic. At year 2028, Sharon made 4 more Horcruxes, furthermore damaging her mortal appearance. At that same year, the Dark Sorceress engaged in a battle with Minerva McGonagall and Molly Weasley. She was able to slay McGonagall but was encased in a coccoon by Molly Weasely. At year 2029, Sharon's Dark Followers were able to free her and made another 5 Horcruxes, making 10 Horcruxes. She was able to kill Molly, Arthur, George and Percy Weasley and was fought by Bill Weasley and Fleur Weasley. After the Battle, she was able to prison Bill Weasley and banished Fleur into Azkaban Island (former Azkaban Prison, destroyed by Sharon, now is an island where she held her female prisoners). At the year 2030, Sharon made her last 2 Horcruxes, making a total of 12 Horcruxes. She was able to banish Luna Lovegood, Ginny Potter and Hermione Weasley to Azkaban Island. At this year, Dolores Umbridge (one of Sharon's Dark Followers whom Sharon freed from Azkaban after she destroyed it.) was battled by Ronald Weasley. Ron managed to Stun Dolores and imprisoned her at the Hogwarts Dungeon. At year 2031, Sharon and her Dark Followers attacked Hogwarts, where Dolores Umbridge was freed and killed the Herbology Professor, Neville Longbottom (Neville was succeeded by Matilda Sprout and later on, by Felicis Gardenia) Harry Potter with his children was able to destroy 10 Horcruxes at the midst of the battle and continued searching for the other two. Harry Potter went to Hogwarts and combatted Sharon but due to Sharon still having 2 Horcruxes, Harry cannot kill her and thus Sharon has killed Harry Potter. After A full Day of Battling, The Hogwarts Castle have been completley destroyed and all students were imprisoned by Sharon. 2 days after the Battle, Lily Potter and her brother, Albus Potter found a Horcrux and destroyed it. On the other hand, Jame Sirius Potter was able to find the last Horcrux and completley destroyed leaving Sharon with the Last Soul in her own body. Sharon then combatted the Potter Siblings and she was completely killed by the Potter Siblings. Dolores Umbridge was killed by Cho Chang after attempting to escape. The Hogwarts Students was freed but the school became Ruins and became a silent sanctuary. All prisoners including Bill, Fleur and Hermione Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Potter. After 4 Years, Hogwarts was rebuilt and was called Fogwarts.